Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Salman Khan on a wall clock!

Anil Gulati

Moved by his idol, Salman Khan, Kirori Mal got Salman moving on the wall. That’s the ingenuity of a barber in a dusty village in Madhya Pradesh.

DHARDA GANESH is a village in the Shivpuri district of the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is more than an hour’s drive from main district headquarter or Shivpuri urban and one has to navigate many bumpy roads and stretches which hardly have roads. The village looks like a typical village in the state of Madhya Pradesh with a cluster of mud huts, roofed with thatch or earthen tiles, narrow paths full of mud and water (if it rains) which leads to the outside world. Probably time had a little effect on these villages.

I happened to visit this village on some work. But it was interesting visit for me as I had an opportunity to visit the shop of Kirori Mal. Kirori Mal is a barber. His shop is just at the entrance of the village, outside the Panchayat Bhawan. It was a makeshift shop, a few inches above the ground. One had to climb to enter it.

Probably he seems to be a huge fan of Bollywood. The walls of his shop were lacquered with the photographs of all the well-known actresses. May be it was an added attraction to his shop for the clients who came for a haircut or for shave and sometimes had to wait for their turn. He was a self-confessed fan of Salman Khan. But I was bit puzzled as I could not see Salman Khan on the walls so got bit inquisitive. I dared ask him where is Salman Khan? He looked into my eyes and then pointed his finger towards his wall clock, which was hanging on the wall of his shop.

There was the Khan, captured in the wall clock! Actually he had a cut out of Salman Khan and had replaced it with second’s needle in the clock. Instead of ‘seconds’ needle, it was Salman’s photograph cut in shape of it. It was quite an interesting way to use a photograph of his idol.

So it was Salman Khan on the move that too every second! Not only Bollywood actress but also moving Salman attracted the young clients of the village to visit his shop every now and then.

Source - www.merinews.com

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