Monday, August 18, 2008

Bigg Boss -2 : Celebrities chained and sleepless !

Day one in Bigg Boss house – cool it – all of them took it light, wake up time, 9 am except Ehsaan and Ketaki who were bit early, enjoyed Egg Bhurji at the breakfast. To offset their great sleep on day one as a part of their weekly job, partners have been chained and the entire gang will have sleep time of 100 hours with till next Wednesday afternoon. That is all the time they can sleep ! It going to be fun as they will not be able to get the sleep as it was on day one.

More is happening in Bigg Boss house …
Goody is Gudi ! well that is the new name of ‘Jade Goody’ the only foreign participant in Bigg Boss. Sambhawna, the item girl is trying to teach her dance style to Jade Goody !!.

In open discussion Jade did share her experiences of Big Brother, and her point of view probably to better her image in India. Rahul Mahajan was being considerate to her and volunteered to translate. Rahul is proding Monica on personal issues like which jail she went to ?? - tough one on her. Action is on !!

On day one all participants were divided into partners, which they did by using ‘chit’ and they landed like this : Zulfi – Rahul, Sambhawana- Ashutosh, Monica – Ehsaan, Ketaki – Raja, Sanjay- Rakhi, Payal- Jade, Elina – Deobjit. Keeping the tradition of Athiti Devo Bhawa, Bigg Boss has given safe guard to Jade and lucky Payal her partners was also put into the safe zone. Both of them will not be nominated from the eviction this week. In the nomination Raja and Sanjay are the ones which have got nominated by the participants for eviction one of them will be out. Raja got 10 votes while Sanjay 5 for eviction from the participants.

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