Monday, October 6, 2008

Shankar - Ehsaan -Loy - Gulzar with NDTV on save environment campaign

NDTV, musical trio, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, and the seasoned Lyricist; Gulzar have come together with NDTV to launch an anthem to save the environment. This green anthem - "Hawaein, Patte, Paani" is a clarion call for people to take action instead of being just mute spectators to the continued degradation of the earth. The NDTV-Toyota Environment Telethon, launched earlier this year, is aimed at creating awareness about issues related to climate change, and how each one of us can make a difference and help create a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Commenting on their creation, musician Shankar Mahadevan, said, "The minute we heard that NDTV is taking steps towards saving the environment, our first reaction was that it was a much needed thing. We don't know whether this song is going to transform the way people look at the environment completely but even if we are able to make one percent of change, we will achieve what we want to. Music is a very powerful has communicated in the past and definitely will this time as well".

Ehsaan Noorani too was elated about being associated with an environment awareness song. "Music, the way it is in India, is all about Bollywood and entertainment. It's not about protests, and people don't do anything about using music to protest. We have been associated earlier with movements like cancer and AIDS awareness, and I think it's wonderful that we can be associated with a movement to save the environment". Loy Mendonsa has already taken steps on the personal front to save energy. "I have replaced all the bulbs in my house. I am not fond of tube lights; I like yellow lights. So I have put in energy savers as the first step. I hope I can cut down the use of the A/C. It's a long road and I have got to do my part".
Log on to to listen and download this foot-tapping number that's sure to get you to your feet to save the environment. Take the pledge for a greener and better future with the NDTV-Toyota Environment Telethon!

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