Sunday, March 23, 2008

Aamir Khan crops his hair for Ghajini

Recently, there has been a lot of gossips going on and the media was buzzing with news from various sources that Aamir Khan will go bald for his role in his upcoming film ‘Ghajini’. But at the premier of Abbas-Mastan’s thriller, ‘Race’, he stunned everyone with his new look, whereby he did not go bald. Instead, he had a small crop with ‘marks’ (that will be ‘scars’ in the film) in between his small hairline. Totally unexpected as always! Kiran Rao, who was with him at the premier, finds his new look ‘hot’. Media went abuzz to catch his new look, and of course, his bytes! He did steal away a lot of media glare from others at the launch.

Khan is a man, who, with almost his every new film, goes into hibernation and comes out with a new version of ‘Aamir Khan’, which fits perfectly into the character he is playing in the film. Lot of efforts have been made to match Khan’s looks with the character he is playing in the film, because he does not want to use wigs. Even before the launch of the movie, he becomes the ‘center of attraction’ wherever he goes, and this definitely creates a lot of hype about him. For me, he is the master makeover man and stands to his repute of being a perfectionist in the film industry.

He was innocent ‘Bhuvan’ with his village youth looks in Laagan, ‘Aakash’ with his suave urban cool youth looks in Dil Chahta hai and one cannot forget the tapori ‘Munna’ of Rangeela and ‘DJ’ of Rang de Basanti. He was brilliant in playing sensitive painting teacher ‘Nikumbh sir’ in Taare Zameen Par, with looks matching his character, of course. One of Khan’s makeovers that made headlines was his Mangal Pandey looks, which many did copy. I am sure that it will happen with his ‘Ghajani’ looks also. We just have to wait and watch, or who knows it may already be happening in the saloons of hair stylists next door!

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