Monday, April 21, 2008

Why sell Horlicks Darsheel ?

Taare Zameen Par's Darsheel Safary is now in ad market, minting money for himself and of course will be wooing kids to make Horlicks part of their daily lives.

Darsheel is Horlicks's brand ambassador. The TV ad of Horlicks will be his first TV commercial wherein he is seen as a school kid who gets infatuated with a charming classmate. In his attempt to look cool to impress the girl, he ends up making a fool of himself. As a solution, Horlicks gives him a simple and easy way to look cool. The advertisement ends with Safary successfully impressing the girls with trendy sunglasses. The sunglasses came free with 500 gm packs of butterscotch, pistachio and chocolate flavoured Horlicks. By the way Darsheel does Horlicks really do that you do in ad ? Have you be using Horlicks before you became its brand ambassador ?

A question that you need to scatch your soul for its answers. You have a great image, contribute it for children of India who suffer and then you earn out of it - not a problem. Why not become brand ambassador for some children's cause ?

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