Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 idiots to cross 65 Cr

3 Idiots is crusuing ahead to be a hit !
As per media report in Business Standard Aamir Khan-starrer raked in Rs 12.5 crore on Friday. Experts estimate the movie to net Rs 40 crore over the first weekend from the box office, with gross collections of Rs 65 crore. Khan’s last release, Ghajini, earned around Rs 40 crore net in the first four days, since the movie released on a Thursday. Aamir Khan said as quoted in Business Standard : “The response is huge, we are still gathering the enormity of opening collections. To match Ghajini’s opening day collections is something, to surpass Ghajini is completely overwhelming.” “3 Idiots would set the record for the biggest opening of this year,” added Ashish Saksena, COO, BIG Cinemas.

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Ashok Shetty said...

3 idiots is ever enjoying hindi.U will never get tired or bored of seeing this movie again & again.This moovie will definitely make new record