Saturday, December 26, 2009

Three cheers for 3 Idiots

3 Idiots is not about idiots. It's about 3 engineering students who believe in doing things on their terms. That's what they achieve and that's what Hirani, Chopra, and Aamir achieve, too: making a movie on their terms ! The film is fresh and funny. Movie has opened well today. Though still early days but trade pundits are saying it is going to be a hit. While their are some critics which say that it falls short of Munnabhai standards, but yet an entertainer.
Produced by Vinod Chopra Productions, 3 Idiots was distributed in collaboration with Reliance Big Pictures. Made on an estimated budget of Rs 35 crore, 3 Idiots has been released with 1,894 prints, of which 1,550 went to the Indian market and 344 went overseas.

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